Wire baskets


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These baskets have been woven with fine ‘wire’ not cotton.  They are exquisite.

Sold separately here are their sizes and prices from the top line left to right:

top line:

‘BOF’ Black oval with flower detail   20mm x30mm x 20mm  £35

‘RGB’ Round dark green with black rim  28mm x 23mm x 23mm  £39 sold

2nd line:

‘OGF’ Oval right grey with flower detail  27mm x 24mm x 18mm  £40

‘RPB’ Round pink with brown stripe  21mm x 19mm x 19mm  £35 sold

‘OMS’ Oval multi stripes  30mm x 26mm x 22mm  £39

3rd line:

‘RBB’ Rectangular brown with black rim  22mm x 27mm x 24mm  £39

‘OBB’ Oval brown with brown stripe  21mm x 19mm x 19mm  £35

‘OGP’ Oval light grey with pierced detail  27mm x 24mm x 18mm  £40

bottom line:

‘RBR’ Round brown ribbed  21mm x 21mm x 21mm  £36

‘RDL’ Round covered dome with lace  20mm x 30mm x 30mm  £61


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