Halloween Inspired Miniature Cup & Saucer Display

October 22nd, 2014

Miniature displays can come in all shapes and form, they don’t always have to be in houses.  My dear friend Heather uses her passion for all things tiny to create occasion cups.  This is her latest creation – A cup full of Halloween.  When visiting miniature fairs, shops and shows she keeps a look out for little items to add to her themed cups.

A cup full of Halloween!

A cup full of Halloween!

Not everyone wants a whole dolls house dedicated to Halloween so this is a great way to display a small collection.  She started with a plain white cup and saucer, decorated it with painted spider webs then added each piece at a time until she got the look she was aiming for.

The nice thing is the cup and saucer can sit on a table or bookcase for the halloween season and then can be packed away  to be replaced by the next occasion piece.

Here’s some more photos of the miniatures on, in and around.  How many can you find?

balancing on the edge

Balancing on the edge!



Pumpkin cookies!



Hows hand is that?



A tiny ghost candle.



Even the cup handle is decorated.



A miniature plate on a saucer!


so many things

Are you still counted how many miniatures there are?



This was a handmade gift tag!



Aagghh! The spider’s escaping!



These must be the treats!


Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween everyone!

Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween everyone!


What a great project.  Well done Heather.  I can’t wait to see the next one.

Have you got an usual way of displaying miniatures?

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