Guild School 2017

August 2nd, 2017

Why is it that you wait an eternity for a year to go around, then when it’s here the event goes in a split second.  I’ve never know 10 days to fly by as fast as it did this year on my 3rd visit to Guild School.


For those of you that haven’t heard of Guild School, it is a week long experience to learn and have hands on practice making miniatures taught by some of the best artisans around today.  There are around 200 students and over 35 teachers that gather every June in Northern Maine, USA.

The school takes over the Marine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine.  You sleep in dorms, don’t worry they are twin rooms not long echoing halls with rows of beds.  You eat in the communal dining hall and have daily entertainment each night you are there.  From auctions to Lobster cookouts, to exhibitions and pre-dinner cocktail events.

Sea front in Castine, Maine

Maine Maritime Academy

Playing the ‘Lobster’!

There are 6 days of tuition with plenty of classes to choose from. The school has an enormous range of tools available so you can try your hand at skills you wouldn’t ordinarily would at classes you find attached to a show.  Such as welding, drilling, lathe turning, soldiering, polishing and firing.

Pete Aquisto awarding my certificate

Using a pillar drill for the first time.

The finished silver salver tray.

This year I tried my hand at making a silver salver tray with feet.  Pete Aquisto patiently guided us through the art of lathe turning, drilling, soldering and polishing.  I gathered so much knowledge about the art of a silver smith,that I now have a much higher appreciation for the talent and experience needed to produce such fine pieces.


Collecting my palm tree from Hiro & Kyoko Kimura

Painting the trunks, roots and leaves ready for assembling.

The finished palm tree displayed on graduation night.

My other classes was more serene, with Japanese artists Hiro and Kyoto Kimura.  I’ve taken their class before where I made a bonsai plant and enjoyed it so much decided to take another, this time to make a palm tree.  It’s leaves and branches were so fine the whole tree moves delicately in the breeze.

So you can see why the week flew by.  I can’t wait to see the list of classes that will be available for next year.

If you want to find out more about Guild School here is their website:







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